El Salvador – September 2021


18 Bute Street, SW7 3EX LONDON
A Salvadoran restaurant in South Kensington serving the Salvadoran speciality Pupusas.
We had:
Black beans and Cheese pupusas
Pork, black beans and cheese pupusas
Served with Guacamole, soured cream, Jalapenos, and a salsa.
Salvadoran quesadilla (Sweet parmesan cake)
Plantain empanada
Chocobanano (frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate)
Corona beer and coffees

Eritrea – August 2021


1166 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4DP

020 8239 0032

We had:

Zigni- a spicy stew made with lamb, mutton, cubes of beef or ground beef and berbere spices, considered to the national dish of Eritrea.

Awaze Tibsi – lamb cubes marinated in a hot pepper sauce

Both served on injera – sour fermented flatbread with a slightly spongy texture

We drank beer and honey wine and finished with the Eritrean coffee ceremony.

Dominica – July 2021

Reggie’s Caribbean Cuisine

55 Hillside, Stonbridge, London   NW10 8LY

020 8961 5050

There were only three of us for this visit.

We had:

Salt fish fritters

Callaloo Soup (The national dish of Dominica)

A selection of Caribbean curries with rice and beans

Home made ice cream

Dominican Republic – June 2021

Casa Mofongo Bar Restaurant

152 Loughborough Rd, Brixton, London SW9 7LL

020 3742 7040

Dominican food is an interesting mixture of Caribbean, Spanish, and African food.

There were only two of us for this country.

We had:

Bandera dominicana (the national dish of the Dominican Republic)

Camarafongo all crema

And an excellent chocolate brownie for pudding on the house! I am not sure if this was a Dominican version or not.

Good value for money.

Egypt – May 2021

El Shams

920 Brighton Road


London CR8 2LN

020 8645 9942


We have, at long last, restarted our project but for added safety we are currently restricting ourselves to restaurants with outdoor seating.  This has meant that we have not been able to do the countries is strict alphabetical order.  We intend to fill in the gaps when it is safer to eat indoors.

We had:

Ful madames


Lahme meshwi

Saffron rice


Samaka seabass

Mixed shawarma platter

A selection of sweets – on the house!

Democratic Republic of the Congo – February 2020

The Bash Restaurant and Bar

The Bash

71 -73 West Green Road

London N15 5DA

020 3092 1220

Back to The Bash, a Congolese restaurant where one of the proprietors was born in the DR Congo and was able to recommend authentic food from that country.

A very helpful restaurant. Recommended if you want to try African food in London.

We had:








Simba Congolese beer.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – January 2020

Wu Di

Wu Di

73 Kingston Road

New Malden


020 8336 1208

It is hard to know exactly what most people eat in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) but https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korean_cuisine gives a list of food they say is eaten there:

We had:

Kimch’i – Of course

Rangmyon – Long thin noodles

Rice noodles

Panch’an – various dishes of sauces and spices

Potato pancakes

Sundae – traditional Korean sausages

Various meats, fish, and bread cooked at the table on a small barbecue

Wu Di barbecue

Hite Korean beer

A very interesting experience and very good value for money.




Czech Republic – December 2019

Czechoslovak National House Club & Restaurant

Czech Club

74 W End Lane

London NW6 2LX

West Hampstead

020 7372 1193

As the name suggests, this is a Czechoslovak club but the restuarant is open to the public.  Well worth a visit.

We had

Svíčková – roast beef in blended cream and vegetable sauce & dumplings

Segediner Gulash and dumplings – pork cooked with sauerkraut and double cream, spiced with red paprika

Veal Schnitzel

Halušky – potato pasta lumps)with sauerkraut and pork belly bacon

Apricot dumpling with yogurt and Ice cream, cinnamon icing sugar and whipped cream

Czech pilsner beer