Grenada – February 2023

Ting n Ting

Unit 2, The Pavilion, 2 Watermill Wy, London SW19 2RD

020 3784 7315

A Caribbean restaurant where the award-winning TV chef Garfield made us the national dish of Grenada, along with other Caribbean food.  He also played a few games of dominoes with us.

We had:

Oil down – The national dish of Grenada

Curry Goat


Rum cake with mango and passion fruit sauce

Granada rum

Gambia and Guinea – January 2023

The Calabash

135-137,Trafalgar Road,Greenwich,SE10 9TX

020 8248 4272

Back to the Calabash for two more West African countries where they kindly made is dishes specific to the two countries shown above, along with general West African food.

We had:

Maafe –  peanut stew (The national dish of Gambia)

Poulet Yassa  –  A dish consisting of chicken, onions, garlic, lemons & mustard. (Considered to be the National Dish of Guinea. Superkanja – Okra stew

Sweet potato chips.

Palm wine

Guatemala – December 2022

Cravings la Caretta

3-5 Station Way, London SE15 4RX

020 7635 0807

A real Mexican restaurant, which we have been to before but which has moved a short distance to be right next to Peckham Rye station.  The proprietor Beatrice made us a range of food from Guatemala, including Pepian do Pollo, their national dish.

We had:

Pepian do Pollo – The national dish of Guatemala

Arroz Blanco – white rice

Arroz con leche – A rice pudding

Dobladas – beef patties


Corona beer – which we brought with us.

Greece – November 2022


83 Bayham St, London NW1 0AG

020 7267 7322

A family run Greek restaurant with a good range of Greek food and a Greek atmosphere

We had:

Mixed dip with pitta bread

Grilled haloumi

Aubergine dip and Loukanika


Afelia – Pork cubes marinated in red wine with coriander seeds and  a little cinnamon.  With roast potatoes, also with rice and with spinach.




Retsina and red Greek wine

Greek coffee

Germany – October 2022

German Gymnasium

1 King’s Blvd, London N1C 4BU

020 7287 8000

An interesting German restaurant in St Pancras

We had:

Herring “Hausfraunart” – Onion, apple, sour cream, malted rye sunflower bread

Kasekrainer – Smoked and grilled cheese pork sausage sauerkraut, truffled potato puree, crispy onions

Smoked Schinkenknacker – Smoked and grilled pork sausage, sauerkraut, potato puree, crispy onions

Seitan schnitzel – Creamed sauerkraut, lingonberries, roasted butternut squash, sweet potato fries

Apple strudel

Black forest gateau


Romanian red wine

Georgia – September 2022


294-296 Caledonian Road
N1 1BA
0207700 7750
A Georgian restaurant with a range of different and delicious food.
We had:
Badrijani – Roast Aubergine in walnut sauce and Georgian spices with pomegranate seeds
Pkhali – Spinach steamed with walnuts and Georgian spices with pomegranate seeds.
Cicaka – Marinade red pepper in walnut sauce and Georgian spices with pomegranate seeds
Meze – Green beans, red beans, spring rolls & mushrooms stuffed with cheese
Chakhobili – Chicken braised in tomato, coriander and Georgian spices served with baby potatoes
Oraguli bajeshi – Salmon in walnut sauce and Georgian spices (Served cold) with bread
Ojakhuri – Roast pork with fried Georgian style potatoes and onions served with plum sauce
Mtsvadi – Grilled pork on skewers
Saperavi – A Georgian red wine
Mtsvane – A Georgian white wine

Rkatsiteli – A Georgian white wine

Gabon and Ghana- August 2022

The Calabash

135-137 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich SE10 9TX

020 8248 4272

A west African restaurant where we were able to eat food from Gabon, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.  Recommended if you want to try west African food.

We had:

Fried yam chips with a hot pickle to start with.

Nyembwe – Chicken with pine nuts – The national dish of Gabon

Waakye – A classic Ghanaian dish with rice and beans with fried plantain.

Foo foo – A very common west African dish.  This one was made from plantain.

Okra and meat stew  – From Sierra Leone

Cassava leaves

Palm wine

France – July 2022

La Poule au Pot

231 Ebury St, London SW1W

There are plenty of French restaurants in London but we chose this very French restaurant, with interesting interior décor, in Belgravia

We had:

La Qiche au fromages

La Soupe a l’oignon

La Ratatouille

La mousse de volaille

Le coq au vin

Le boeuf  bourguignon

Le steak frites

La daurade grille

La tarte tatin

La creme brulee

With French red, white, and Rose wine and excellent coffee (Italian)