Gabon – August 2022

The Calabash

135-137 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich SE10 9TX

020 8248 4272

A west African restaurant where we were able to eat food from Gabon, Ghana, and Sierra Leone.  Recommended if you want to try west African food.

We had:

Fried yam chips with a hot pickle to start with.

Nyembwe – Chicken with pine nuts – The national dish of Gabon

Waakye – A classic Ghanaian dish with rice and beans with fried plantain.

Foo foo – A very common west African dish.  This one was made from plantain.

Okra and meat stew  – From Sierra Leone

Cassava leaves

Palm wine

France – July 2022

La Poule au Pot

231 Ebury St, London SW1W

There are plenty of French restaurants in London but we chose this very French restaurant, with interesting interior décor, in Belgravia

We had:

La Qiche au fromages

La Soupe a l’oignon

La Ratatouille

La mousse de volaille

Le coq au vin

Le boeuf  bourguignon

Le steak frites

La daurade grille

La tarte tatin

La creme brulee

With French red, white, and Rose wine and excellent coffee (Italian)

Equatorial Guinea – June 2022

Bon Vivant

75-77 Marchmont Street

London WC1N 1AP

This was not a West African restaurant but they happened to have the national dish of Equatorial Guinea, succotash, on the menu.  We have had the generic West African foods fufu, plantain, and cassava, which are also eaten in Equatorial Guinea, several times before so we were happy to have just this dish.  The rest of the food was European with a French feel.

We had:

Succotash – The national dish of Equatorial Guinea.

Non-African dishes:

Blackened chicken

Baked salmon

Passion fruit posset

Almond parfait

Peroni beer.

Finland – May 2022

The Finnish Church in London

33 Albion St, London SE16 7HZ

There are several places that sell generic Scandinavian food in London but the only place that we could find Finnish food was the Finnish Church in Rotherhithe.  It does not look like a typical church but has a café attached that is open to the public. 

The main meal of the day was a beef pasta bake, which we were told was very typically Finnish.

We had:

Makaroni laatikko – A beef pasta bake

Pulla torttu – Cinamon bun

Finnish butter bun

Tea, coffee, and fruit juices

Ethiopia – April 2022


1166 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4DP

020 8239 0032

We went back to Somomo, which describes itself as an Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant, for Ethiopia

We had:

Awaze Tibsi – lamb cubes marinated in a hot pepper sauce – a typical Ethiopian dish.

Served on injera – sour fermented flatbread with a slightly spongy texture.

We also had other Ethiopian/Eritrean dishes.

We drank Hebesha Ethiopian beer.

Philippines – March 2022

Romulo Café & Restaurant London

343 Kensington High Street,
London W8 6NW
This is a long way out of alphabetical order but we went here to eat some food typical from Fiji but, as it was a Filipino restaurant, we also ate a full range of dishes from the Philippines many with new and interesting flavours.
We had:
Typical of the Philippines:
Pandesai – Filipino bread rolls
Gambas al ajilo – Prawns sautéed in bagoong oil
Sizzling lemongrass chicken inasal sisig
Beef ribs tadyang – A crispy beef with pickled cabbage
Chicken adobo – A Filipino classic cooked on soy sauce with garlic and cane        sugar, served with bok choi and sweet potato
Pork belly adobo – Another classic Filipino dish
Garlic Rice
Jasmine rice
Sans Rival – A Modern Filipino dessert made with dulce do leche, cashes, and meringue
Ube cheesecake
Ube puto flan – Purple yam cheesecake with crème caramel flan and pandan flavoured rice cake
Coconut ube latte – A coffee with purple yam and coconut
Calamansi fruit juice

Fiji – March 2022

Romulo Café and Restaurant   

343 Kensington High Street,
London W8 6NW

Fiji was not an easy country to do but we found a Filipino restaurant serving a full range of filipino food and a couple of dishes typical of Fiji. See

We also ate a full range of Filipino food.

We had:

Typical of Fiji:

Taro leaves – (known in Fiji a Rourou):

Cooked in coconut milk


Kinilaw sa gata  (known in Fiji as Kodoka)  – fish ceviche

Estonia – October 2021


55 Prince’s Gate, Exhibition Road, London  SW7 2PG

A Polish/Baltic restaurant in South Kensington which served us the Estonian speciality, rosolje, and general Polish/Baltic food.

We had:

Rosolje – An Estonian beet and potato salad – with herring.


Roast duck with figs


Poached plums

Honey cake

To drink:

Polish Pimms

Gin and tonic

Romanian red wine

Various coffees.

More expensive than many but well worth a visit.